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Neil Wakelam 

CEO Jackson & Jackson

Facilities Management Pty Ltd

Neil started his career in the UK specialising in cabinet repositioning and refurbishment, working for the three largest cabinet manufacturers  in the UK such as NRC, Nuttalls and EPTA as his career developed he was responsible for the Project Management for major UK supermarket retailers. 

With his family he made the move to Australia in 2011 and Neil quickly found work for our parent company Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration, his work ethic and ability to drive a business forward has made a huge impact on the board of directors who recently appointed him CEO of Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration.

Craig McCracken

Senior Installation Supervisor

Craig began his career in 2008, as a refrigation cabinet installation for WR Refrigeration and GM facilities in Scotland, where he was supervising a team of 3-4 workers. 

In 2017, he made the move to Australia to begin his Career with Jackson & Jackson Facilities Management. With his hard work and experience in the field, he was promoted to Senior Installation Supervisor in 2018

Alisha Hawli

Project Co-Ordinator

Alisha has over 10 years experience in various customer service roles and realised she wanted to further her career. In 2018, she began her career as a Project Co-ordinator. She completed her Certificate III in Business Administration in 2018 where she now helps out with various administration roles and the overall running of Jackson & Jackson Facilities Management